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Acer Aspire, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM Thinkpad DC JAC


HP / Compaq

Center pin diameter: 2.5mm
Supported models:
Acer Aspire: 1800
Acer Travelmate: 250, 252ELCi, 430, 1500, 1510, 2200, 2700
Asus: M50s, Z84J, Z84FM, Z96FM, S96, S96J, X83V
HP Pavilion ZD7000, ZD7100, ZD7200, ZD73000 Series: 
ZD7000, ZD7001ea, ZD7001us, ZD7005ea, ZD7005qv, ZD7005us, ZD7009ea, ZD7010ca, ZD7010ea, ZD7010qv,
ZD7010us, ZD7012ea, ZD7015ea, ZD7015us, ZD7020ea, ZD7020us, ZD7030ea, ZD7030us, ZD7035ea,
ZD7038ea, ZD7040ea, ZD7040us, ZD7045ea, ZD7048cl, ZD7048ea, ZD7049ea, ZD7050, ZD7050ea, ZD7050us,
ZD7055ea, ZD7058cl, ZD7060ea, ZD7063ea, ZD7065ea, ZD7066ea, ZD7070ea, ZD7080ea, ZD7101, ZD7101us,
ZD7102us, ZD7112ea, ZD7120ea, ZD7128ea, ZD7129ea, ZD7131ea, ZD7139ea, ZD7140us, ZD7141, ZD7141ea,
ZD7143ea, ZD7144ea, ZD7145ea, ZD7150ea, ZD7160ca, ZD7160us, ZD7167ea, ZD7168cl, ZD7168ea, ZD7169ea,
ZD7170ea, ZD7180us, ZD7188cl, ZD7198cl, ZD7201us, ZD7202us, ZD7228ea, ZD7229ea, ZD7230ea, ZD7230us,
ZD7235ea, ZD7236ea, ZD7245ea, ZD7248ea, ZD7249cl, ZD7250ea, ZD7255ea, ZD7256ea, ZD7257ea,
ZD7258ea, ZD7259ea, ZD7260ea, ZD7260us, ZD7265ea, ZD7267ea, ZD7269cl, ZD7270ea, ZD7280us,
ZD7283ea, ZD7300ea, ZD7310ca, ZD7310us, ZD7320ea, ZD7340ea, ZD7341ea, ZD7342ea, ZD7348ea,
ZD7349ea, ZD7350ea, ZD7360us, ZD7373ea, ZD7374ea, ZD7375ea, ZD7376ea, ZD7377ea, ZD7378ea,
ZD7379cl, ZD7379ea, ZD7380ea, ZD7380us, ZD7381ea, ZD7382ea, ZD7383ea, ZD7385ea, ZD7389cl, ZD7390ea,
ZD7392ea, ZD7395ea
ZX5000 Series: ZX5040EA, ZX5060, ZX5180, ZX5002, ZX5280us, ZX5078, ZX5041
ZV5000 Series: 
ZV5000, ZV5000t, ZV5000z, ZV5001US, ZV5002, ZV5030US, ZV5034US, ZV5037WM, ZV5101US, ZV5103,
ZV5105US, ZV5120, ZV5160, ZV5200, ZV5201, ZV5202, ZV5210, ZV5220, ZV5227, ZV5230, ZV5235, ZV5240,
ZV5242QV, ZV5247LA, ZV5255US, ZV5257LA, ZV5260US, ZV5267LA, ZV5270US, ZV5287LA, ZV5316US, ZV5320,
ZV5325, ZV5330, ZV5330, ZV5340, ZV5343, ZV5346, ZV5348, ZV5360, ZV5370, ZV5380, ZV5386, ZV5400
NX9100 Series: NX9105, NX9110, NX9110
NX9500 Series: NX9500
IBM Thinkpad: 
600, 600E, 600X, 570, 570X, 380, 380E, 380ED, 380D, iSERIES 1400, 390, 390X, 390E, A20, A21, A22, A21M,
A22M, A20M, A20P, A21P, A22P, A22E, A20E, A21E, A30, X20, X21, X22, R40, R41, AND MANY MORE
Toshiba Satellite Series: 1400, 1800, 1900, 1905, 1955, 2400

Toshiba 1400 Series: 1400-S151, 1400-S152
Toshiba 1800 Series: 
1800-S203, 1800-S204, 1800-S206, 1800-S207, 1800-S253, 1800-S254, 1800-S256, 1800-S274
Toshiba 1900 Series:
Toshiba 1905 Series: 
1905-S277, 1905-S278, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304
Toshiba 1955 Series: 
1955-S801, 1955-S802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807
Toshiba 2400 Series: 2400-S201, 2400-S202, 2400-S251, 2400-S252
Toshiba L15 Series: L15-S104
Toshiba L25 Series;
Toshiba L35 Series;
Toshiba L45 Series;
Fujitsu-Siemens: Amilo L1300, L7310, L7320GW, L7320, V2035, V3505, V3515
Fujitsu Lifebook: N3010, N6010
Packard Bell Easynote: 
B3605, E1245, E2400D, E2540, E2560, R0422, R1004, R1005, R1910, R1938, R1984, R3235W, R4650, W3301,
R8720, R8740, R8770, iGO 2451
Medion Akoya EX
M2100, M2350, M2352, M5405, M6800 (Please make sure the center pin)
Advent 7060
Clevo: D400S, D400V, D400J, D410V, D420V, D430V, D870P
MITAC: 8575, 8060B, 8317
MTECH: D400S, D400V, D410V, D420V, D430V, D400J
4004 (D4F), 4014 (D400S), 4034 (D40EV), 4054 (D4U, D4V), 4074 (D400E), 4094 (D400S)

Sager: NP4020 (D400S), NP4060 (D400E), NP4080 (D400V)
Spartan: 8575
Winbook: W100 (8060B)
NEC: Versa C140, P8100-2000dr
I-select: I-select M4610 

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Product Details
Place or Origin: CHINA
Model Number: PJ0147
Applitcation: FOR LAPTOPS
Gender: Female
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price: get latest price from us
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs for each single model
Port: FOB Shenzhen, China
Packaging Details: general paper box packing
Deliver Time: 1-3 working days after receive payment
Payment Terms: T/T(bank transfer),Western Union
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