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NEW Universal Laptop Keyboard Tester

 NEW Universal Laptop Keyboard Tester testing device machine Tool For HP,Acer,Msi,Asus,Fujitsu,Toshiba,Sony,Benq,Samsung,Lenovo eac..


NEW Universal Laptop Keyboard Tester testing device machine Tool For HP,Acer,Msi,Asus,Fujitsu,Toshiba,Sony,Benq,Samsung,Lenovo THINKPAD and so on

1.where to use:
This is an universal laptop keyboard tester with several test cable connector, you can use it to test any keyboard whose cable you can insert to the connector and fit in correctly. From my experience, any keyboard could be tested on this device whose cable is “similar” or the same to laptop keyboard like acer 5810t, asus g60, hp 6530s, g4-1000, most of MSI keyboard and so on. "Similar" here means the distance between the keyboard cable date line must be the same with the one of the keyboard models mentioned above. Besides those models, this device could be used to test keyboard of DELL D620 and thinkpad T60 or any keyboard which has the same connector.

And there are several extra connector interfaces, if you can find the connector, you can molder it yourself. to use:
This device is easy to use. 
1). Connect it to a computer by the USB cable.
2). Insert the keyboard cable into the corresponding connector.
3). Push the opening button, the device will sound 2 times, which means it starts working.
4). Press keys of the keyboard, if every keys sound, it means the keyboard is good, if not, the keyboard has problem. If the sound is long and can not stop, the keyboard might be bad or the cable is not installed correctly or firmly.

3. who to use:
I recommend this device to laptop keyboard dealers like ebay seller, retailer and wholeseller. I use it myself to test keyboards when needed. Sometimes we buy keyboards but which look not very good, or there might be some signs of damage on it, then I will test the keyboard by this tool. And sometimes, we got keyboards which look brand new but customers said they don't work correctly, I will test some of our stock to check. From my experience, it will be very helpful when you have doubt over your stock but you don't have a laptop to test the keyboard.  Once you find the problem, you can stop selling and communicate with supplier to resolve the problem. From my own experience, this device saved a lot of money for me. I love it very much !!!

4. Package included:
A laptop tester/testing device and an USB Cable.

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Product Details
Place or Origin: China
Brand Name: NEW Universal Laptop Keyboard Tester
Applitcation: Universal Laptop Keyboard Tester
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price: get latest price from us
Packaging Details: A laptop tester/testing device and an USB Cable.
Deliver Time: 1-3 working days after receive payment
Payment Terms: T/T(bank transfer),Western Union
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